Desert with dead tree, no flowers

No Place For Flowers

The debut eco sci-fi novel by Leslie COELHO.

A fast-paced eco sci-fi about the harsh realities of the known worlds.

Renowned for his research, Professor Os has convinced the corporations to fund his ambitious research station where the brightest young minds are making major breakthroughs. Amongst them is his daughter, Beth and her friends. 

Suddenly finding themselves fleeing for their lives, can this band of brilliant young scientists adapt to their new reality, evade pursuit and deal with the discovery that the known worlds are nothing like they had been led to believe.

The only one who seems unperturbed by it all is Oscar. He’s happy to just stretch out on the nearest sofa or a floor, as long as Win is nearby.

Grace is not like other people, she is fiercely independent and seems to have inspired a small but loyal following. However, not everything that she has to share will make them happy.

He’s awkward around other people, particularly women but he’s Ben’s best friend. He’s also a genius by any meaningful definition of the word but his lack of confidence has always held him back. Ben suspects his friend might see something they’ve all missed if only someone could inspire him with confidence.

The debut novel by Leslie Coelho, the author you’ve almost never heard of.

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desert flower
Image by klimkin from Pixabay